7 Big Reasons to Exercise Regularly

Increases your energy level. You have to spent some energy to get more, similar to making money.

Relives depression and stress. Many studies have shown that regular exercise is natures best tranquilizer. Exercise produces endorphins, brain chemicals that reduce the feeling of pain or unhappy feelings.

Improves the quality of sleep. Research has shown that people who exercise regularly, go to sleep quicker, sleep more soundly and awake more refreshed than non exercisers.

4.Improves mental acuity. Studies also show exercising improves memory, concentration and reaction time

5.Reduces risk of heart disease and cancers. Studies have shown that non exercisers have at least twice the risk of developing a serious disease.

6.Slows the Aging process. Regular exercise improves aerobic capacity, strength and flexibility all parameters of aging.

7. Enhances self esteem and self image. Research has shown that exercisers feel better about how they look and how they relate to others.

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