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Longevity Coach Prepares Students to Age without “Growing Old”

La Jolla, CA – Rico Caveglia’s students welcome aging because they do not plan to grow old. Caveglia, the health management and longevity coach known as “La Jolla’s fitness guru,” defines growing old as losing the enthusiasm for living…becoming deteriorated, feeble, worn out, decrepit.

To help others create and maintain a life-expanding level of multi-faceted fitness, Caveglia has written Ageless Living, a guidebook that shares the lifestyle that has rewarded him, at age 60, with a certified fitness age of 20.

The ideal fitness level Caveglia stresses for his students is one that allows each to carry out all of the activities he or she wishes, effortlessly and without pain, strain or stress.

“Not everybody wants to run a marathon, “says the gold metal sprinter. “Individual fitness should be dictated entirely by the desired lifestyle of each person.”

In Ageless Living, the longevity coach combines ancient mind/body wisdom with proven fitness techniques, nutrition studies, and modern technology to create the ultimate guide for maximum energy and strength at any age.

He starts with a positive mental outlook. “Without a happy, healthy mind, the body lacks the enthusiasm and strength required to heal itself and stay strong,” Caveglia believes.

Next comes nutritious eating plus the judicious addition of whole food supplements. Borrowing tips and recipes from his award-winning book, Real FOOD Real FAST, he eliminates the common excuse of lack of time to prepare healthy foods by sharing his techniques for creating delicious, nutrient-packed meals in 12 minutes or less.

Finally, Caveglia’s ageless living program advocates physical exercise. During his 20 years as a fitness coach and personal trainer, he has developed a workout technique that condenses an hour of normal exercise into only 30 minutes a day. As a result, his students are motivated by quick results and energized by a daily regimen that is easy to adhere to.

Once students reach an appropriate health and strength level, the longevity coach urges them to take up fun fitness hobbies. Included in Caveglia’s own regimen is drumming. “It’s a great workout and I enjoy the music,” says the part-time professional drummer. He also enjoys cycling, in-line skating, mountain climbing and ocean swimming.

“Life is not meant to be a struggle,” he declares. “Fitness should be fun!”

The Ageless Living guidebook can be found at most book stores and health centers or can be ordered from Lifetime Fitness, 5580 La Jolla Blvd., Suite 105, La Jolla, CA 92037, (858)274-0118, or at

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