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Fed-Up Fitness Coach Puts Nutritious Eating on the Fast Track

La Jolla, CA – A busy schedule is a poor excuse for not eating healthy foods, according to Rico Caveglia, a well-known health and fitness coach, author and three-time Senior Olympics gold medalist.

Weary of hearing his clients and seminar attendees complain that they lack enough time to prepare nutritious meals, Caveglia wrote Real FOOD Real FAST, How to Prepare Delicious and Nutritious Meals in 12 Minutes or Less. The book cuts shopping, storage and preparation time to little more than sitting in line at the fast food drive-up window. It includes his “Speed Shopping” and “Fast Track Kitchen” techniques, along with recipes, nutrition and longevity tips.

Caveglia says that the habit of eating healthy foods is especially important for busy mothers, not only for their own vitality, but to instill a lifetime habit of healthy eating in their children. “When children acquire the habit of nutritious eating, they grow up to be better students, stronger athletes and far healthier adults. They establish a healthy pattern that results in lifetime fitness.”

Seniors are another favorite Caveglia target. “Aging should be a time of growing wiser, of enjoying life’s gifts, not of growing old,” he insists. “The reason bodies grow

weak and old can usually be linked directly to poor eating habits and physical neglect,” he advocates. Caveglia, who at age 60 recently registered a fitness age of 20, has helped thousands of seniors regain their vitality, strength, and mental/physical performance through his Ageless Living(tm) books and seminars.

Like everything he does, Caveglia has turned healthy food preparation into fun. His methods include family and friends in the process from start to finish, making his Fast Track Food Prep System(tm) an adventure. Another important ingredient is music, another Caveglia passion.

Real FOOD Real FAST, How to Prepare Nutritious and Delicious Meals in 12 Minutes or Less, is available on many book stores and health centers or from Lifestyle Fitness, 5580 La Jolla Blvd., Suite 10, La Jolla, CA 92037, (858)274-0118, or at


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