All You Need is Love

You probably recognize the title of this piece as a famous Beatle song. I think that the title can be taken literally as many people interchange the words God and Love.

However you think of God, the term is usually given for the source, the empowering force that drives and creates the universe, in which we are all a part of. Therefore if you are believing in and acting out of love, all things are possible and you feel energized and optimistic.

My definition of love is respecting and willing to care for all of God’s creations, with yourself as the primary recipient of your love. I think we need to love (respect and care about) everyone, but we don’t have to like everyone. Obviously there are some who are definitely not living in love and are perpetrating some ungodly acts against others. They do have to be restrained, educated and loved.

When we as humanity finally arrive fully living in love, what a wonderful world it will be. Another song title? I have been listening to allot of music lately and noticing song titles, there are some very prophetic ones.

There are basically only two emotions; Love and Fear, all others can be traced back to either fear or love. We humans are always operating out of our emotions. The concept is to become aware of when we are in love or in fear. Awareness and shifting out of a fear mentality into love, we can definitely improve our outcomes.

Anytime you catch yourself in any kind of negativity; anger, gossip, jealousy, hate, feeling sorry for yourself, feeling lack of any kind and complaining in general, you are in fear. Fear is defined as visualizing what you don’t want or don’t like in your life. So if you are letting fear in your life, you are continuing to create what you don’t want. In order to live a highly successful life you need lots of energy and being in fear and negativity is the biggest drain on your energy.

When you are feeling and expressing optimism and good will you are operating out of love. When you are in love, you are connected to spirit or God, where everything is possible. This is why being inspired, or in spirit, usually leads to success because you are in love and love or God can create whatever you desire.

So stay in love…that’s where God is.

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