Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer fighting foods

There is allot of conflicting information about what causes cancer and what is the best diet to prevent and reverse it.

Many uniformed doctors and dietitians still recommend a low fat mostly vegetarian diet.The low fat craze began in the sixties when animal fat and cholesterol became the villains that were thought to be responsible for most diseases including obesity. As the demand rose for low/nonfat and grain based products, food manufacturer added refined salt, sugars and a plethora of chemical ingredients to improve the taste and shelf life. Vegetables of course are very healthy, but vegetarians tend to eat allot of grains which turn into sugar and many are genetically modified and contain high amounts of gluten.

We now know that this has been a health disaster, especially for women. Not only does a low fat grain diet promote obesity it has damaged many women’s hormonal systems as well. Healthy fats are vital for hormone production and many other critical metabolic functions.

Humans have been eating animal flesh since the dawn of time, yet heart disease, cancer and diabetes are largely modern diseases that have become epidemics at the same time fat intake dropped and carbohydrate intake drastically increased. Of course highly processed animal products from animals fed a grain diet full of pesticides and added hormones are not healthy foods. Animals raised as close to natural as possible, un caged, grass fed with no hormones and chemical added to their diets are healthy sources of fats, proteins and B vitamins necessary for good health and disease prevention.

It is the belief and experience of many holistic Doctors that
sugar and starchy carbohydrates are what cancer cells feed upon and they are the foods responsible for most chronic health problems and not animal fat. Cancer cells cannot metabolize fatty acids, so a diet primarily of healthy fats and vegetables actually can starve cancer cells.

The cancer fighting diet

A whole food alkaline diet high in protein, healthy fats and organic vegetables is highly recommended. No sugar of any kind, no grains of any kind, no dairy, no vegetable oils, and no processed, packaged foods. A few low glycemic index fruits such as berries are allowed.

Best foods:

Fermented cabbage
Coco nut oil
Flax seed oil
Nuts and seeds
Cruciferous vegetables; broccoli, cauliflower
Dark green leafy veggies
Green tea

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