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Fitness Made Quick & Easy
We all know regular exercise is good for us and most of us would like to enjoy high levels of fitness. Notice, I said most of us, for some reason, there are some people who will never desire being fit and thus never enjoy how it adds to the quality of their life. These qualities include: more energy, higher self-esteem, more chances to have fun, delaying and/or eliminating many diseases, plus the ability to accomplish more, both physically and mentally. Or how about just looking and feeling better?
Too Busy to Exercise?
We all seem to be caught up in this new millennium lifestyle of feeling we are so busy that we just can’t do everything we want to. Improving our fitness level is the best way to meet these challenging times. So instead of having to add another thing to your schedule I am going to suggest some beneficial activities that you can “fit” in to what may already be a busy schedule.
First keep in mind that to gain the benefits of improved cardiovascular function, muscle tone, strength and flexibility, you do not have to go to a gym and workout for hours. You do not have to force yourself into a focused disciplined routine. You do not have to invest allot of money into exercise equipment that is often not used and eventually turned into an expensive cloths hanger. The good news is that you can get healthy benefits from short periods of movement and little things that you can do throughout you work and play day. As an example four, 5-minute workouts are nearly as (and sometime more) beneficial than one 20-minute session. Even a few minutes of physical activity such as walking and climbing stairs will help to strengthen your heart, burn calories and tone muscles. Regularly re-organizing and cleaning will also help, as well as making you more productive. In others words, utilizing, adding to, and enhancing ordinary physical activities throughout your day can and will help you to create the fit body you desire and deserve.
Modern conveniences… friend or foe?
Are our modern gadgets always beneficial? They may allow us to accomplish more but have they improved the overall quality of our lives? Are we healthier? Are we enjoying life more? Are we feeling more peaceful and fulfilled? Our waistlines are expanding, our health is declining and most everyone feels even more rushed and overworked, even though most of these modern conveniences “save us time.” I suggest we use many of our time saving gadgets less and increase our physical activities that integrate both our mind and body. Mundane activities such as pulling weeds in the garden, washing our car, ironing a shirt can often be used to keep us “grounded” and connected to the physical world. They can also help to slow down our minds and plus get and keep our bodies physically fit. You have probably heard the saying “stop and smell the roses.” I say, “grow some roses,” then you will get some exercise and have the opportunity to smell them as well.
Tips for Increasing Activities at your Office
v   Park farther and farther away from your office and walk. Steadily increase your distance as time and weather permit.
v   Every hour (or less) get up from your desk and move around, go outside for the fresh air.
v   Do a series of chair and desk exercises throughout your day. For example: Tilt your head back and slowly roll your neck side to side. Shrug your shoulders up and back several times. (You can go to my web site at: for a complete description of chair exercises.)
v   Do some of your own errands instead of having others do them.
v   Keep a rubber ball in your desk and squeeze it through the day. This increases hand and forearm strength and reduces tension.
v   Keep a big bottle of water on your desk, drink from it frequently.
v   Be in constant motion – even if it is simply stretching. One thing you have probably noticed is that people who are in constant motion are usually trim.
v   When standing in line either bend your knees slightly to take your body weight from your bones and onto your muscles, or raise your heel up just off the ground slightly and your calf muscles will get a workout. It does not take much bending or much time before those muscles to start speaking to you.
v  When in your car squeeze you seat (butt) muscles. See if you can keep tempo with the music.
v  Also when in your car you can squeeze the steering wheel.
I can’t give you every type of example because people lead so many different types of lives. Use the examples above to spark your creativity to create and customize your own “exercises.”
*Remember any time that you are contracting or supporting yourself with your muscles instead of your bones you are exercising.
Tips for Activities at Home
Try doing some household tasks manually instead of using an electrical appliance (saves energy as well). Now I’m not suggesting you take your laundry to the river to wash, however there are some things you can easily do. For example, use a broom instead of a vacuum, hand squeeze oranges to make your own fresh juice, towel dry your hair, get up and manually change the channel, mow your lawn with a push mower, hand wash your delicate clothing, hand wash, wax and detail your car. You get the idea, whenever possible substitute “elbow grease” for electricity. You will save a little money, and you will often be avoiding many of the harmful EMF’s (ElectroMagnetic Frequencies) that most electric devices emit.
The main key to improving your fitness is consistency.
You need to move your body everyday as often as possible. Every little bit adds up. Of course if you choose to go to the gym, take a fitness class or go out for a bike ride, by all means do so.

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