Having fun should be your primary objective in life. Why? Because when you are having fun you are focused in the present moment and doing what you were meant to do. Your mind is not focused on problems or aches and pains. You are in a state of healing and renewal. But what am I talking about? You’ve always been told life is serious, it’s a struggle, and it’s tough. Remember our discussion in the section on beliefs? Your reality is always created by your perception. You always have the choice at every instance to choose worry or peace, indifference or excitement, fun or boredom, unhappiness or happiness. Having fun is actually our birthright, it says in the Declaration of Independence: we have the right to live, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Let’s see how we can have fun all the time, by having the right perception. Learning experiences All our human experiences can be seen as learning experiences. I believe we are all spiritual beings who are here on earth in a physical body to learn how to become higher conscious spiritual beings. Learning is the reason we have a physical body. Learning and understanding are the primary motivators for living and thus are the most fun to experience. Our body/minds are designed to experience and enjoy many feelings and emotions; it’s all a matter of how you perceive any experience. For example; if you get caught speeding and receive a ticket, you can choose to be angry and upset over the wasted money and the mark on your driving record. On the other hand you can choose to see it as a good signal to slow your life down before you make a more serious mistake. Slowing down the hectic pace of modern life is the best way to begin slowing down the aging process. Obviously some experiences are more enjoyable than others. Having a delicious dinner with friends is more fun than going to the dentist, but they are both good experiences. Going to the dentists reminds us of how much we need strong healthy teeth and the importance of proper care. Even injuries and pains can be ok when you see them as learning experiences. Play and having fun is our best medicine. Fun and play are important for creating and maintaining good health. When you are laughing or playing or engrossed in doing something you consider fun, you are not thinking about pain, sickness or worries. You are not concerned about the past or future, you are in the present.

You are in a state of ease, a state of well being. Everything is Fun All the basic things we need to do to stay alive are fun. Breathing fresh air, drinking pure water, eating nutritious food, feeling the warmth of sunlight, moving our body, stretching our muscles, talking, walking, sleeping, having sex, and working are all fun. If you aren’t having fun working, you need to either change your attitude or find work you love to do. Now add singing, dancing, sports, games, theater, reading, writing, playing and listening to music, helping others……… they are all fun. You don’t have to try to have fun, just allow everything to be a learning experience and its all fun. If you are having a hard time agreeing with me, ask yourself this question; which way is a more empowering, inspiring way to believe; that your life is full of hard times and is a constant struggle or that it is a continual stream of enjoyable learning experiences? It seems to be an easy choice. Living life is full of fun when we allow it to be.

It’s only when we worry about the small stuff that we struggle and experience unhappiness. It’s like the title of that popular book “Don’t sweat the small stuff and its all small stuff.” In other words, just go out and enjoy your life and leave the details to the universe. How to make everything fun – Realize everything can be fun – Love yourself and your life. – Discover your life purpose – Live in the moment. Train your mind to stay in the present. All your power is in the present. – Feel gratitude for what you have. – Do not judge yourself or others. – Relinquish your need for approval. – Find ways to be of more service and help to others. – Balance your time between work, play, family and friends. – Be flexible, and open to new things. Rico Caveglia is America’s Anti Growing Old Trainer. He is an author, speaker, health, fitness, longevity and wellness/life coach. He is the creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle and author of 15 books on wellness. Get your 4 FREE wellness training videos @

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