Get Out of Your BMW

In this case BMW stands for bitching, moaning and wining.
I just heard this definition from a lady Doctor at an event I was recently at and it stuck in my mind. I think most of us know that complaining does us no good and keeps us stuck in whatever we don’t want. So the question is; why do we do it so often? Every time I catch myself talking about the stuff thats not going well. I wonder why I am doing it?

We human beings seem to have a need to express our unhappiness, I guess it makes us feel better and life is all about feeling good. But why do we have to go over and over in our thoughts, about the things we are unhappy about? We don’t seem to have a need to go over and over the good things that happen to us on a daily basis.

However since we know that our thoughts create our reality and we all want a great, happy reality, why don’t we naturally stay with positive, optimistic and happy thoughts and not think about what didn’t work out so well?
That is a trillion dollar question.

The answer to why is unclear, but the answer to what, is to always think about what you want in your life, not what you don’t want.

The key to staying in a positive, inspired and productive mood is awareness. Whenever you catch yourself dwelling on the negative things in your life, you must call time out and rearrange your thoughts to positive ones.

Inn order to be as successful and happy as possible in our lives we must learn to get out of our BMWs.Get OUt of Your BMW

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