The dictionary definition of healing is : The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. The word heal in other languages — heel, heil, heile, haelan all mean whole. To make whole is to restore vitality, body, mind, spirit,
sociability, biochemistry, a person’s original nature and all his/her functionings to an optimum level of life, living and integrity.
The following is from a pioneer of natural healing Dr. Leo Roy.Like most people you possibly believe that taking remedies is all there is to healing. Sometimes this is true. If your general health has been good and your problem is minor, a simple ache, pain, laceration, fracture, discomfort, or symptom and all you wish is relief from this problem, the prescription like taking an aspirin for a headache,will work.
Healing in serious disease is more than just this. It is applying remedies and resources which efficiently protect the body organs, cells, functions and biochemicals from attack, denaturing, damage or destruction. Healing is the normalizing of attitudes and emotions, and reconditioning the mind and habits to lifestyles of healing.
You are the one that has to do the work of healing. You have to take those remedies; maybe even make some changes in your life to help them work better.
Of course you want and expect that the treatments, recommendations and supplements you have received will succeed in restoring your health back to a level where you can live the life you want to live. What would be the point in
following treatments if they didn’t work? But the point is that they won’t and don’t work unless they are used properly.’This means :

They constantly provide your body with everything it
needs and all your body cells need,

In the exact nature and proportions that they are needed,

That you constantly refrain from, avoid and eliminate
anything and everything that could be detrimental to
your healing,

All these needs must be constantly in balance no less
than your healing needs require — but also no more,

Every day your bodies needs and balance change,

You continue to persevere with your full treatment until
your health is completely restored,

You do all this to alleviate, control or even eliminate the manifestations of
disease, but not restore the total body—mind—emotions—spirit to its original state of perfection should not be considered as a cure.

Prevention is the best cure. There is an emerging consensus among scientists that the health community that the Nation’s health strategy must be dramatically recast to emphasize the prevention of disease.
Joseph Califano Sec. of H.E.W. 1979

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