How Healthy and Happy are You?

Did you know that the WHO (world health organization) ranks countries according to overall quality of health. Of the top 17 industrial nations America ranks last and only 36th for quality of its healthcare system. When it comes to happiness America only ranks 17th.

What’s wrong with this picture? America is the wealthiest most technologically advanced country in the world. One would think that our material wealth and many opportunities would create a happy population.Obviously our lifestyles are not serving us nearly as well as they could or should.

Surveys have shown that many Americans are surprised to find this out.
It seems that our fast paced, stressful lifestyles have taken us to the point that we are unaware of what’s really happening to us.

American’s penchant for fast junk food and lack of exercise has definitely contributed to the amount of over weight and unhealthy people. Obviously it is hard to be happy when you are in poor health.

Another factor is our belief that happiness comes when we make more money, have a better relationship, get more recognition etc. True happiness does not come from external things but must be felt in our hearts. We must learn to accept and love ourselves in order to be truly happy.

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