How to Stay Well

The following are some excerpts from an article I wrote a couple of years ago about how to activate your immune system. It seems to be particularly important today.
Factors that weaken immune function ;

*Environmental toxins in air, water and food
*Unhealthy lifestyle habits
*Extended periods of stress
*Dramatic lifestyle changes
*Emotional imbalance

It is estimated that over half of Americans suffer from a compromised immune system.
Symptoms of a weak immune system include allergies, frequent colds and flu, sinus, ear, throat, skin, urinary tract and vaginal infections. Slow healing wounds, chronic fatigue, candidiasis, and of course degenerative diseases such as cancer, aids and premature aging are also due to a weaken immune system.

Supporting your immune system naturally is the most important element in building resistance to illness and disease. Whether it is
the flu, smallpox or anthrax, a strong immune system is the best defense. Ultimately, only our body’s natural defenses can truly heal the body long term. Drugs and vaccines are sometimes necessary, but they always have side effects and they tend to depress our body’s natural functions. The crucial missing link in modern medicine is stimulating the patient’s own immune system.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

*Get plenty of sleep
*Create relaxation breaks
*Breathing exercises-fresh air
*Enjoy natural sunlight daily
*Drink filtered water
*Eat live organic whole foods daily plus probiotic supplements for gut health
*Take whole food supplements
*Exercise daily
*Express your emotions
*Maintain a positive attitude
*Focus on your source of spiritual inspiration

The best possible thing we can all do in these troubled times is to take responsibility for our health and safety. We all need to develop and implement a total health program that addresses all the areas previously mentioned. Investigate the many natural immune stimulating formulas like the ones I mentioned, they are inexpensive real health insurance.
My new book The Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program goes into detail on how to easily begin implementing immune enhancing strategies into our busy schedules. Information on the book and other helpful products can be found at:
I also highly recommend consulting a qualified, healthy healthcare practitioner
to recommend a detox and rejuvenation program designed to meet your
specific needs. Another important thing we all can do is to stay focused on the
positive and learn from the lessons that life presents. A healthy mind set is the
prerequisite for having a healthy body. Don’t worry, be happy and spread the
message of peace, tolerance, joy and prosperity for all.

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