I can I Must I Will

I Can  I Must  I Will

The four most important things in life, generally agreed upon, are our health, our relationships/family, our business/financial success and living a purposeful life.

Now in my seventy fifth year, I find myself at a low point in three out of four of these most important areas in my life. I have enjoyed a lot of high points in these important things throughout my life and I now also take responsibility for my current low points. 

However, even though I live and teach not to live your live by your age, it is now in the back of my mind. Thoughts that maybe its too late for me; I won’t be able to make a comeback in these areas at this age. Our youth oriented society does not really respect or appreciate the experience and wisdom that comes with aging. Society tend to discriminate against and marginalize people of advanced age, in many different ways.

So my usual optimism is diminished and I find myself discouraged about my lack of success in moving forward in these areas.

The message I needed to hear

I have been regularly attending the Self Realization Fellowship Church on Sunday mornings. The basic teaching is from Parmahansa Yogananda, the founder of the Self Realization Fellowship and the way of knowing God and ourselves, as we truly are. It is about oneness of all people and that we are all spiritual beings here on earth with a physical body to learn and grow, live our purpose and become a higher conscious being. It is about knowing that we are all part of the creative force of the universe, or God as most people call it or him/her. And that we just need to realize that we are connected to God and we can achieve most anything and heal anything.

This Sunday’s sermon by one of the Monks who teach the principles of SRF, was about how to stay inspired and motivated to become our best self and live our purpose.

Yogananda taught that when we find ourselves discouraged and ready to give up, think of I Can I Must, I Will.

I Can

Knowing that you are connected to spirit or God, you are capable of achieving your goals. It is said that God doesn’t give you any challenges you can’t handle. The reason you fail is because you either didn’t make the effort and gave up, or it was the wrong goal for you. This is right inline with the saying that whether you believe you can or can’t do something, you are right.

So know and believe you Can and never give up.

I Must

I think the concept here is; what is your option if you give up? You either stay where you are and/or your situation becomes worst. You don’t want to live your life feeling unfulfilled and end up with regret. You were given a body and life to achieve your best self and make a difference in the world. If you quit, you not only are letting yourself down, but also your family and the people who need your unique contribution. And most of all you are letting God down, who gave you the opportunity to grow from your experiences and challenges.

So realize that there is only one choice; you Must keep moving forward no matter the circumstances.

I Will

Knowing you can and must do it, commit to making it happen. Write down and verbally state that you will succeed. Its important to hold your intention and visualize achieving your goals on a daily basis. That’s the Law of Attraction; whatever you put out into the universe, it will return to you. As Deepak Chopra says: Have the right intention but leave the details to the universe. In other words, whatever manifests in your life may not be just like you imagined, but it will be just right for you.


Whenever you feel like life is really tough and you feel lost and , feel like giving up …….remember to say to yourself:

I Can, I Must, I Will!

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