Is HGH the Fountain of Youth?

Is HGH Really the Fountain of Youth?
I’m sure you have heard of HGH, which stands for human growth hormone. HGH is a hormone produced in abundance by our pituitary gland when we are young. As in the name it stimulates growth and is involved in producing, energy, sexual desire, sound sleep, healthy skin and hair, immune function, lean muscle mass and on and on. Unfortunately studies have shown by age 40, the pituitary gland releases less than half the amount of HGH that it did at age 20.

This is believed to be a major reason for aging and the decline of all of the factors just mentioned. It is known that injections of HGH can reverse much of this aging process. I have seen it produce amazing results on several of my older clients through the years. However HGH injections are very expensive and are not with out risks. It is not precisely know what long term side effect may occur. It may be comparable to taking steroids long term so I don’t recommend taking the injections.
You most likely have seen all of the ads for the fountain of youth oral HGH products. These products are not human growth hormone; they are a group of amino acids that supposedly stimulate the release of more HGH in your body naturally. And of course they make all sorts of claims for their products. We all know that most all advertisements are exaggerated, sometimes grossly exaggerated.
However there are studies that have shown many benefits from taking oral HGH stimulators. And of course as I have stated in the past you have to be careful of studies. You have to know who conducted the studies, how they were done and who paid for them. There are no totally un-biased studies and errors both in implementation and interpretation are quite possible.

As you also know, I am very interested in anti growing old strategies of all kinds and like to investigate all possibilities. I have tried different products with mixed results. I can’t honestly say I personally have achieved any amazing results personally, but I am also very healthy
I do sell a product named Regenesis Pro 800, that many people seem to like. Regenesis is the original oral spray that was used in many of the promising tests on the effectiveness of HGH products. I do have many satisfied clients and customers that continual to re-order and do not want to be without it. The most benefits I hear about are; better sleep, more energy, less PMS, lower blood pressure and body fat, more sexual desire. So as the old saying goes: “The proof’s in the pudding.” I don’t think oral HGH is a fountain of youth, but it does seem to offer many people some worthwhile health and longevity benefits.
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