Is what we eat really that important?

I’m sure you have heard the question do you live to eat or eat to live? It is a very good question to ask yourself. Why do I say this? Because what you eat, with the exception of what you think, probably affects your life more than anything else that you do.

Think about this.
Our body has approximately 60 trillion cells that make up our tissues, glands, organs, bones and skin. Old cells are constantly dying while new ones are being created. It is said that in one year we have nearly all new cells. What does the body use for the raw materials to make new cells? It can only use what we feed it: oxygen, water and food. The food we eat is the raw material our body uses to regenerate itself. As with any construction the finished product will only be as strong, as functional and as aesthetic as the materials used to build it.
Therefore we can conclude if we want to build a healthy, good looking, long lasting body we should use the best quality whole foods available. The food with the highest nutritional value, with the highest amount of potential energy is what I call real whole food.

Real Food
Real food is what is grown by Mother Nature, organic vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds, whole grains, and animal products made from healthy animals raised in their natural environment. These organic products have the highest amount of the nutrients that our bodies require to be healthy and energetic. They are best eaten raw when possible as cooking destroys some of the nutrients.

Lets say you want to build a storage shed in your back yard. However, like most people treat what they eat i.e. fast food, you don’t want to spend much money or time building it. So you use the cheapest scrap building materials and quickly throw together a storage shed. Now it doesn’t look to good, its not to functional and when the first big storm comes along it falls apart. This is just like most people’s body that have been fed a poor diet of mostly processed junk foods.

How Successful Do You Want to Be?
To be highly successful in anything in life, you need lots of energy and a strong body/mind. Therefore your success in life is directly related to your level of health and your level of health is directly related to the quality of food that you eat.

We generally need to eat several times everyday just to stay alive not to mention to produce energy. Doesn’t it make sense to learn all we can about something that we have do regularly and that’s so important to our life?

I highly recommend you educate yourself on what, where, when and how’s of healthy eating by checking out all of the valuable information on If possible consult with a healthy healthcare practitioner to help you with your personal eating plan.

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