Little League World Series and Frosted Flakes

I have been watching the very entertaining Little League World Series from Williamsport Pennsylvania. Our local team from Chula Vista California played in the championship game but unfortunately lost to Japan. I’ve always enjoyed watching the world series because they play so well and because my Father coached me when I played and He kept coaching for 30 years in my home town of Los Alamos New Mexico. He almost made it to the world series several times.

In spite of all the good Little League does for the boys who play, they let kellogg’s Frosted Flakes be their main sponsor? They seem to not have a clue about how bad those type of cereals are for kids. The ingredients in order are corn,sugar, BHT a preservative and a bunch of synthetic vitamins. The highly processed corn is genetically modified, the highly processed sugar makes up 40% of the calories, and the synthetic vitamins are sprayed on with little nutritional value and BHT has been linked to cancer, allergies and neurotoxicity. Is this what we should be feeding our kids? It’s no wonder so many kids are over weight, hyper active and considered to have ADD.

Girl Scout Cookies
This takes the cake or cookies for being the worst example of what kids or anyone should be eating. The ingredients of one of their cookies is as follows:sugar,soybean oil,partially hydrogenates palm kernel oil, enriched wheat flour, synthetic B vitamins, corn syrup, coconut, sweetened condensed milk, sugar, 2 % sorbitol, glycerin, cocoa, invert sugar, cornstarch, caramelized sugar, soy lecithin,dextrose, natural and artificial flavors,carrageenan, baking soda and mono calcium phosphate.
This recipe is a list of the worst possible foods for anyone to consume.
Its hard to imagine a more unhealthy food to eat. It is 45% fat and 30% sugar and it lists 6 grams of saturated fat and 0 grams of trans fats and that exactly what hydrogenated oils are, trans fats. Partially hydrogenated oils are know to be one of the most damaging to the body, non foods, that have ever been manufactured. It also has soy bean oil which is an unsaturated fat which is not listed. It contains seven different processed sugars and white devitalized enriched wheat flour. Enriched means they spray on a few synthetic B vitamins which are very poorly absorbed. It contains the most common allergens; processed wheat, milk, soy and corn. Wheat, corn and soy are also genetically modified. This recipe is a health disaster, its what you would give to your worst enemy and the Girl Scouts organization has young girls out pedaling their products of death.

Its no wonder we have a health crisis in America and the fattest population in the world. Wake up Girl Scouts of America. Wake up parents who claim to love their children and yet feed them toxic non foods. You need to become aware that the major non food manufactures in America do not care about your children’s health, only about the health of their bank accounts.
If this message rings a bell for you please take appropriate action.

You may call me to learn more about what you can do to feed your family better and how to help create healthy changes by boycotting non food manufactured products.
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