Longevity Clues

Interested in knowing how long you may live? First you should know that science now tells us that our genetic potential is to stay healthy and live to at least 125. However our current life expectancy is only about 80. When I first discovered this I decided to find out how we might be able to enjoy those missing 45 years and thus the Ageless Living Lifestyle was created. If you haven’t read my book Ageless Living, I of course, highly recommend it.


1. Having family members living to age 90 and beyond.

2. Having a big community support group, family and friends.

3. Staying active both physically and mentally.

4. Being happy and optimistic,not worrying about everything.

5. Reaching your sixties without having any major health issues.

6. Keeping your telomeres long. They are the DNA molecules at the end of our chromosomes. Best way is to make sure you are getting plenty of anti-oxidants in your diet.

7. Being a woman. 80% of centenarians are women.

8. Living the Ageless Living Lifestyle!

Doesn’t seem like it’s to difficult to do, especially if you are a woman.

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