Look and Feel Well at ANY AGE

The average life span of Americans is now approximately 80 years. Many affluent Americans are living even longer due to their high standard of living and access to cutting edge medical care. However, the important questions to ask yourself are: 1. Is this longer life really enjoyable? 2. Am I able to physically to do most of what I want to do? 3. Do I have constant aches and pains? 4. Am I spending a big portion of my time visiting a variety of doctors? Just go to any main stream clinic or hospital and you will see that they are overflowing. Many people are bent over, moving slowly and using walkers. I have been a personal trainer working with clients of all ages for the past 31 years and I know that although this is the norm for the majority of people even in their sixties it does not have to be this way. Quality vs. Quantity of Life. I believe quality of life is more important than quantity, although they can and should go together.

Quality means being able to function well both physically and mentally at any age. It is being free from chronic discomfort and dis-ease in your body. It is being well enough to continue to make a contribution to society as well as enjoying the physical pleasures of having a healthy fit body. In other words, quality of life is about not getting old. Aging vs. Old Aging means to reach your full potential, becoming mature like fine aged wine. Old means to be worn out, unexcited about life. We can’t stop aging it’s a natural process, but getting old is something we allow to happen. We allow our bodies to deteriorate from our unhealthy lifestyles. So the key is to learn how to properly take care of our physical bodies. Too Much or Too Little Most of our physical and mental challenges stem from an excess or a lack of something. Lack of a life purpose or low self esteem is what keeps most people from taking better care of their bodies.

Too much stress, junk food, alcohol, prescription drugs and lack of good nutrition, exercise and rest all contribute to getting old. The vast majority of bad posture, muscular weakness and stiffness are due to the lack of a proper regular exercise program. In order to have good aerobic capacity, balance, posture and physical strength, we all need to exercise daily Health and Fitness for Seniors I dislike the term senior. It puts us in a box and implies that we have limitations and convinces us to think and act like an old person. Everyone at every age needs daily exercise and good nutrition to stay healthy and fit. An effective program is one that is suited to your specific current physical condition, abilities and lifestyle. We are all capable of doing much better than we tend to believe. There are numerous examples of very healthy and fit individuals in their eighties and nineties. We just need a moderate, well rounded program, implemented consistently.

Take control of your body and your life. If your physical limitations stem from physical neglect, I say throw away those walkers and get busy improving your strength, balance and flexibility. Consult with a qualified personal trainer or start a regular yoga practice to start you on the right track. I promise that if you begin to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet, you will look and feel much better and you will be able to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life at any age. Rico Caveglia is the author of 15 wellness books, workshop leader, personal trainer and creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle. He can be contacted via email: 

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