Nanotechnology What You Need to Know

I just read a very distrubing article from the Center for Food Safety. It seems our big food manufacturers such as Heinz, Nestle, Hershey, Campbells,General Mills, Pepsi Cola, Sara Lee, Unilever and Kraft, in addition to genetically modifying, irridating and adding a ton of chemical additives to their so called foods. They are now using nano technology in a variety of products, including foods and cosmetics.

Nano technology is using nanometer materials ( one billionth of a meter) so small they can’t be seen by an ordinary microscope. Nano particles can gain access to the body from inhalation, ingestion or skin penetration. Due to their small size nano particles can circulate through the body and reach potentially sensitive areas such as bone marrow, lymph nodes,the spleen, the liver, the heart and even cross the blood brain barrier.

Initial scientific studies demonstrate that current nanomaterials are already in many foods and food packaging and that they may be extremely damaging to human health and the environment. Nanomaterials can transport toxic contaminants into our ecosystems which can potentially expose us to cancer and organ damage. China has reported the death of workers who inhaled nanoparticles used in printing products. Studies on animals have shown that nanotitanium dioxide used in many food and nutritional supplements can cause cancer and lung disease like mesotheolioma.
Much more research is needed, however there is already widespread use of nanotechnology and there is currently no labeling requirements. Once again the American public have become guinea pigs for the greedy, unscrupulous previous mentioned non food companies. These companies who care only about their bottom lines and not about your health have invested heavily in nanotechnology. It is estimated that the market for nano-enabled food and beverage packaging alone is currently 7.3 billion. Its all about the money.

These public enemy companies are using nanotechnology as food additives, flavor enhancers, preservatives and for encapsulating dietary supplements and many other applications without any concern for your health.

Now is the time to not only avoid processed packaged foods, synthetic nutritional supplements, but to boycott these companies as much as possible. I hope you see it’s
now imperative to eat whole organic foods and use only truly natural hygiene and beauty products without these dangerous additives. We also need to petition our government to require fair disclosure in product labeling.

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