Obama Care ?

Today is the dead line to sign up for the first offering of Obama Care health insurance and I am amazed at how many people are still resisting even checking it out. We all know how Washington works. One party tries to make whatever the other is proposing sound like it will ruin your life. In this case how can anyone oppose everyone having the opportunity to have healthcare insurance? Which is really sick care insurance. I certainly am not a big supporter of our mainstream medical insurance system, but everyone needs at least to be protected form a catatrophic event.

Although many are now signing up and saving money in most cases, I have talked to people who say they don’t want it and yet they admit they know nothing about it. I know little about it, but I would certainly check it out if I needed more sick care insurance.

Another point I think is valid is that it’s up to the individual insurance companies what policies and prices they offer not the government. If you can’t find a reasonable policy that suits you, complain to the insurance companies, they are the ones who are making all the money. Insurance companies are known to have the largest reserves of cash than any other corporations. They need to reduce their profit margins so everyone can have a comprehensive, inexpensive basic policy such as the Scandinavians do. By the way, for all those who scream Obama Care is taking us towards Socialism, in recent surveys the Scandinavians turn out to be the most satisfied with their governments and are the happiest people.

I’m not promoting Socialism or any isms, just fairness, so everyone has a better opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.

Health Assurance vs Health Insurance
What I am promoting is that in order to give yourself the best possible assurance for staying healthy, you need to take responsibility for creating your good health. Remember our medical and insurance systems are about making profits from your illness, not about keeping you healthy.

We all need to take back our power from the big corporations that are polluting our environment, producing toxic foods and medications and begin to create a healthier personal lifestyle.

The Ageless Living Lifestyle
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