Power to Women

Many people feel that the energy on planet earth is shifting and we as humanity are in a much needed transition to a higher consciousness.  The first part of this transition needs to be a shift of power to women. This means women need to be in charge, to govern, to make our laws.  

In the current creation of humanity on earth, which  has been around for about 5000 years, men have dominated women. In some of the most regressive societies, men have treated women like servants and have mentally and physically abused them and to some degree in all societies.

So lets take a look at how men have been doing as rulers and power brokers. We tragically, have continued to fight and kill each other. We continual to suppress certain ethnic, religiousand economic groups. We have continued to abuse and hold back women. We continue to have dysfunctional, corrupt governments, lacking vision and compassion. We continue to support corporations that care not about their customers only about their bottom lines. We have continued to pollute our life support systems on Mother Earth. We have created nuclear weapons of mass destruction. We have brought ourselves to the brink of extinction.

How does this sound for record of stewardship?  Could even he best male attorneys make a case for this record?

It is time to shift the power to the ones who are more in touch with their higher intuitive selves. To those who bring new life to the world and have more love and respect for life. To those who know collaboration and cooperation can accomplish much more than competition. To those who have more compassion for all lives and for our planet. To those who’s time has come. 

Men can step back and focus on their abilities to create, design and build all of the amazing material things that we need to survive and to enjoy.  I think men will actually be relieved that they no longer have to compete and try to govern out of fear. 

The old men in power today, personified by America’s current president and many corporate leaders must go. They are dinosaurs.

Can you imagine how much the quality of everyones live will improve when we begin to live primarily in love instead of fear.

Its coming get ready.

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