Ageless Living

The Ageless Living Motto is: We have to age, we do not have to get old in the process.
Old is just a state of mind and body and it’s our choice.
Offers why we get old and die too young and how to avoid disease and old age.
Offers complete mind/body/spiritual strategies for getting and staying fit, healthy and vital all of our lives
You will learn how to create a personalized Ageless Living Lifetime System
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Real Food Real Fast

Nutritious and delicious meals in 15 minutes or less
Determine what foods are best for your body type.
Learn to shop and care for the healthiest, most energizing foods available
Learn how to set up your fast track kitchen
Learn a weekly time saving system for preparing high energy meals and snacks
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Real Food Real Fast Lifetime Eating Plan

The end to fad diets forever! This book picks up were the first “Real Food Real Fast” left off by providing over one hundred new recipes, preparation techniques, and healthy tips.
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Real Health Real Fast Wellness eBook Program

We define wellness as a state of mental, physical and social well being. It is a having a fit, energetic body/mind free of disease. It is having excitement and enthusiasm for living a joyful, fulfilled life. A true wellness program is one that offers strategies for achieving the complete level of well being one desires.
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Step Your Game Up eBook

The 7 do or die strategies every person 18-30 must know to survive and thrive in the modern world. Everyone over 40 says if I would have known what I know now in my twenties I would be so much better off. This book offers young people what they need to know and do in the essential seven areas of life in order to be highly successful in today’s world. A great gift for someone you love.
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The Real Fast Series of E-books now only $7 Each

  1. Real Clear Real Fast

    Mental well-being is the foundation we need in order to achieve a healthy body and weight. This easy to understand e-book guides the reader through a simple process of identifying and eliminating limiting belief and clearing one’s mind of negativity and distractions.

  2. Real Fit Real Fast

    A complete guide for all you need to know to develop a safe and highly effective fitness program. All recommendations are easy to incorporate into busy schedules, proving there are no valid excuses for not exercising. Includes a fitness test, how to stay motivated tips, and Rico’s famous “Full body workout in 30 minutes using no equipment” with illustrations. 19 pages

  3. Real Nutrition Real Fast

    A complete guide for developing a healthy, high energy eating plan for your body type and lifestyle.

  4. Real Heart Health Real Fast

    This hard hitting report offers up to date information on the causes of heart disease and the latest in mind/body treatments and prevention programs. Includes a heart health test and recommendations for stress reduction, exercises, diet and nutritional supplements.

  5. Real Energy Real Fast

    Everything you need to develop maximum personal energy. This important book explains the simple steps necessary for maximum energy production.

  6. Real Weight Loss Real Fast

    Permanently end your struggle with weight loss. This guidebook will show you the quickest, healthiest ways to reduce body fat and keep it off for the rest of your life.

  7. Real Happiness Real Success Real Fast

    A unique concept and strategy for being happy and successful everyday.