Introduction to Ageless Living

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You are gently awakened by the singing of birds outside your window. You feel the warmth of the early morning sunlight streaming throughyour window. A smile crosses your face as you realize it’s thebeginning of a new day. Finishing your breathing exercises and meditation you begin your power walk while thoughts of your day’sexciting schedule roll through your mind: meeting your businesspartners to discuss the content of your next newsletter… speaking toa downtown community leaders’ group about your new charityproject… inline skating at the park with your great, great, grandchildren… and this evening, your lover has invited a group of friendsover for a jam session and party. The occasion? Your 107th birthday! Does this sound like your vision of later years? It is exactly my vision.

Come with me now on an exciting journey ofdiscovery and unlimited possibilities!

Do you want to live to be 120 years of age? I hope your answer is yes. However, most often the answer I receive to this question is an immediate no! Why? It seems the image we have of someone who has lived 100 years or more is one of a weak, sick and old person. Everyone wants to live, but no one wants to grow old.

We hope for a long life, yet fear what will happen to us as we age. The physical, mental and spiritual changes that accompany longevity create many, conflicting emotions. We appreciate the emotional selfacceptance that comes with maturity, yet are deeply concerned by the way our bodies change. Physical change is inevitable, however all other changes due to aging are highly desirable.

Youth is not a time of life, it is a state of body/mind. Our youth-oriented culture influences us to spend an exorbitant amount of time and resources on trying to stay young, rather than focusing on being healthy. We should ask ourselves why should we want to stay young? After all, the only perceived advantage to being young is physical appearance and perhaps maximum physical strength. All other areas are enhanced by experience. It is the ongoing mental and spiritual growth that makes life truly exciting and worthwhile.

Aging vs. Growing Old

I believe the term anti-aging is actually a poor way to express our desire to slow down the aging process. Aging means to ripen, to mature, to reach full development. It is to become our best, like fine aged wine. We can’t stop aging, it is the natural progression of life and death. Moment to moment we are a different age, and that is exactly how it should be. Aging can be an extremely stimulating and enjoyable experience or it can be one of fear and frustration.

I suggest that what we want to avoid is not aging, it is growing old. Growing old is defined as: to become used up; deteriorated; out dated. Growing old is to give up your self-trust, your self-confidence, your enthusiasm and your appetite for life. It is becoming full of doubt and despair. It is becoming unable to physically take care of yourself. Growing old is surely not what we desire.

The Good News

We now know it is possible to stay healthy and vital all our life. We can certainly keep our bodies and minds ready to meet our everchanging demands. How to best meet this challenge, is the subject of this book. There are many good books available today discussing longevity and offering anti-aging programs. They generally promote a particular theory of aging such as, Wear and Tear, Planned Obsolescence, Limited Cell Division, Cross-Linking, Metabolic Slow Down, Genetics, Growth Hormone, Acidosis, and Free Radical Damage. They also recommend a wide variety of products and systems for counteracting these conditions. Other books and programs concentrate on restoring a more youthful appearance, again by promoting a wide array ofcosmetic products. I think all these theories, programs and products have merit and should be investigated. I personally love to try many of these products just to see what results I might obtain. However, I believe we are missing the boat by only seeking solutions from products. The ship that will truly sail our lives to the farthest shores lies within us. All longevity authors, lecturers and researchers are making great contributions in awaking us to the fact that we could be living healthier, longer lives. I believe it is well within our power to stay healthy and 11 energetic all of our life. It is clearly a matter of choosing to accept this empowering belief, acquiring the proper knowledge and taking consistent action.

My contribution in writing this book is to introduce what I feel are the fundamentals for building the foundation of a successful anti-growing old strategy.

My 19 years experience as a personal health and fitness trainer has been very enlightening. Working with individuals ages 30-90, has shown me how physical and mental neglect directly affects our ability for enjoying life to the fullest. I have also learned what is necessary to prevent and reverse this process of growing old and dying at an early age. Do not let the simplicity of this knowledge fool you. Amidst today’s incredible amount of misinformation regarding health and longevity, these simple truths stand out. I personally began fitness training at chronological age 39 and developed a strong interest in the study of nutrition and health care.

Now at age 58 my Fitness Age is 20, my biological age is reversing and my over all health is greatly improved. How we think, feel and act are the real keys to successful aging.

The Anti-Growing Old Strategy

The guidelines presented in this manual are based on timeless wisdom and up to date scientific knowledge. This knowledge is based on the premise that good health is the foundation for experiencing all that we desire in life. I define good health as, a state of mental, emotional, physical and social well-being, not just the absence of disease. This manual is also based on the premise that for any program or system to be of value it must be easy to understand and easy to incorporate into busy lifestyles. This has been accomplished by condensing and organizing the vital information into 15 sections. The key word is easy. There are recommendations for getting started in each section that are so easy that there can be no excuses for not doing them. The goal is not just to inform you but also to empower you. Knowledge begs to be acted upon. Knowledge acted upon equals powerful living. There will always be new medical and scientific discoveries, which may have significant effects on extending life or interrupting the disease process. Nevertheless, in order to achieve one’s true potential for optimal health and longevity, learning and applying these fundamentals is essential. This new way of thinking and living is what I call Ageless Living. “We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities” Pogo Ageless Living Ageless Living transcends age … it is letting go of the limits society has imposed upon us… it is living with vibrant health, confidence, purpose, love and mastery throughout our entire life.

Ageless Living Lifestyle

Life Span vs. Life Expectancy Scientists who study aging (gerontologists) now say we are capable of living to age 125 and beyond. With the average life span currently at about 75, it seems we are missing out on 50 years of potentially enjoyable living. What accounts for this discrepancy between possible life span and current life expectancy? Lifestyle is what counts Have you ever wondered why some people are healthier, happier and live longer than others? You may think it’s good genes or just luck, however these have little to do with longevity. Having a family history of longevity adds at most, five to ten years to the average person’s life span. As for luck, well the best definition of luck is where good preparation and opportunity meet. The answer is lifestyle. Longevity Lifestyles Common threads run through all the cultures of the world that are known for good health and longevity. They are: appreciation for aging, respect for their elders, eating locally grown whole foods, daily physical activity, low stress, simple lifestyles and contentment.

Modern Society

We are dying prematurely and losing our vitality primarily because of degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancer and diabetes. These are not caused by the natural aging process, but rather by unhealthy lifestyle habits. Now we can’t all live in small rural low stress societies, but we can alter our habits. These debilitating diseases can be prevented and even reversed by proper mind/body strategies of attitude, nutrition, exercise and rest. If we are to claim those extra 50 years, we need to create a new, more powerful way of living. This new way is The Ageless Living Lifestyle. This empowering lifestyle requires taking responsibility for your health, and thus for your life. It is about taking back your power from the medical profession, from the insurance companies, from the processed food giants and from the no-conscience ad agencies. This may seem like a formidable challenge, however, think of it this way; would you rather be a victim and give away all your power to others, or become empowered by stepping up to the plate and taking control of your destiny. The choice seems clear to me. It takes a strong commitment but the rewards are great. Ageless Living begins with self-evaluation. It is asking the right questions. Carefully read each of the following sections of this book and then ask yourself; what am I doing about each of these components? If your answer is, “not much,” then you will greatly benefit by following the recommendations in each section.

My Wish for You

Wouldn’t it be exciting to live in a world where everyone looks forward to aging and expects to become healthier and happier as they age? Do you realize this is your choice? Are you going to join the “over the hill gang” and slowly and painfully slide down hill from age 45, or are you going to soar above and beyond the hill. You can choose to undertake a lifestyle that creates a more satisfying and joyful life as you age. My lifetime goal is to help everyone who shares my vision of Ageless Living, to be the best that they can be. I invite you to join me in creating a healthier, happier, more peaceful world for us all.

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