Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program

What is a Wellness Program?
We define wellness as a state of mental, physical and social well being. It is a having a fit, energetic body/mind free of disease. It is having excitement and enthusiasm for living a joyful, fulfilled life. A true wellness program is one that offers strategies for achieving the complete level of well being one desires.

Why You Need a Wellness Program?
As best selling author Paul Pilzer says in his ground breaking book “The Next Trillion” the wellness industry will exceed the trillion dollar health (sickness) industry in the next decade. This has to happen and is happening, because as you are well aware, our health care system is not working. Not only is it ineffective for treating most chronic diseases, it is down right dangerous and unaffordable for many of our citizens.

According to a recent study by a team of medical researchers led by Gary Null PhD and several medical doctors, the leading cause of death in the United States is from prescription drugs and the medical treatments given in hospitals. Conventional medicine caused nearly 800,000 deaths compared to 700,000 attributed to heart disease. This is a stunning statistic.

The wellness industry has to step up and educate our people before it’s too late. The health of our nation and of our planet, depends on the health of its citizens.

A true wellness program is one that not only helps you to regain good health, it teaches you a lifestyle that prevents illness and creates a high level of wellness. A high level of wellness is the foundation for achieving everything that is important in your life.

The Good News
The good news is; it can be done with the proper inspiration, education and with programs that can be easily incorporated into busy schedules.  With that mind we have created a special easy to use online wellness program.

You Can Do It
The Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program is one that puts you in control of your life. It is about taking back your power from ineffective government programs, dangerous and expensive medical interventions, the greedy pharmaceutical industry, the unscrupulous food manufacturing industry and those who knowingly pollute our environment for profit. This program is about all the things that you can easily do to give yourself the best possible chance to avoid disease an old age and to create a healthy, high energy, productive and enjoyable life.

I recommend reading Ageless Living first. Get your program outlined and started and then you can you can take it to the next level with the Real Health Real Fast Program.

The Real Health Real Fast Wellness Program.


This is a complete mind/body program consisting of The Real Clear, Real Fit and Real Nutrition Real Faststrategies.

These are more advanced versions of the overall Anti-Growing Old Program that is offered in Ageless Living.

Option #1.
Wellness Mentoring E-Books: $19.00 

You Receive: 3 E-Books

Real Clear Real Fast
– The mental component

Real Clear Real Fast
Mental well-being is the foundation we need in order to achieve a healthy body and weight. This easy to understand ebook guides the reader through a simple process of clearing ones mind of negativity and distractions.

Real Fit Real Fast
– The physical component

real fit

A complete guide for all you need to know to develop a safe and highly effective fitness program. All recommendations are easy to incorporate into busy schedules, proving there are no valid excuses for not exercising. Includes a fitness test, how to stay motivated tips, and Rico’s famous “Full body workout in 30 minutes using no equipment” with illustrations. 19 pages

Real Nutrition Real Fast
– The nutritional component

Real Food Real Fast

A complete guide for developing a healthy, high energy eating plan for your body type and lifestyle.

Option #2
Wellness Mentoring E-Books and Sessions: $119.00

In addition to the 3 E-Books in option one, you also receive three one hour phone coaching sessions with Rico Caveglia, creator of the wellness program.  In these  sessions you will develop your own personalized strategies for each of the three components. You also receive a copy of the Ageless Living Guide book to use in your sessions.

This is a remarkable value at only $119

This is absolutely the best investment in yourself that you can make! You have my personal guaranteed satisfaction.