F.U.N Program

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FUN Program

A comprehensive mind/body program for ending your struggle with dieting and losing weight FOREVER! You will learn a proven system for creating the healthy, fit body that just right for you.

6 CDs, 2 DVDs and a 60 Page Guidebook


It’s called The F.U.N. Program. It is a complete system for ending the struggle of losing weight and mastering the shape and health of your body FOREVER! It is truly a program that will help you to create lasting positive change.

F stands for Freedom. Freedom from the 5 P nightmare and from limiting beliefs that have held you back in the past.

U stands for understanding your body’s individual mental and physical requirements.

N stands for new concepts, strategies and tools to create the healthy, energetic body that’s just right for you.

Rico Caveglia and J D Mumma who have a combined 47 successful years as personal trianers put everything they have learned working with 100s of clients to successfully create permanent fat reduction, maximum energy,fitness and well being into this program.

It includes a fitness video, a how to shop for the healthiest foods video and 6 very entertaining and informative training CDs.

Your success is GUARANTEED.



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