Adventure Vacations

Ageless Living Adventure Vacations

adventure-vacationsWe believe a vacation can be a joyful time of deep renewal…when the body can truly relax, let go and rejuvenate in the peaceful beauty of nature…where adventure can free the spirit and the mind can soar with new ideas and possibilities.

Imagine yourself at one of the most peaceful and beautiful natural places on earth.
The stress and tension have left your body and you are enjoying fresh clean air, warm sunshine and the beauty of a rain forest or the beach on a tropical island. There are no telephones, TV’s or worldly distractions. You are learning how to adopt the Ageless Living Lifestyle into your own. There are fun, informal daily classes on nutrition, fitness, weight loss, yoga, detoxification, longevity, vitality, stress reduction, life purpose and spirituality. The classes are mixed in with daily adventures such as hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, water sports and much more. Massage and private lessons are also available.

You will leave rejuvenated and with a renewed vigor for life, armed with a complete personalized Ageless Living Lifestyle Program ready to incorporate into our life back at home.

These five days will be a very positive turning point in your life.
We believe a real vacation should offer an environment to relax, to play and to learn and explore new possibilities and to advance your life to a new level of health, energy and purpose.

If you share this belief Contact Us and let us know about your ideas.

What are your life and health challenges?
What would you like to learn?
When are you available?
Where would you like to go?
How many days would suit you best?
What activities do you prefer?
Don’t just go on a vacation, go on an empowering adventure!