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Stay Healthy, Fit and Vital

Before I reveal how you can learn to create a high level of wellness, avoid disease, old age and live a long healthy, energetic and happy life… let's look at some alarming facts and answer some very important questions.

Did you know that Gerontologists, scientist that study aging and longevity, have discovered that we are genetically programmed to stay healthy and live to at least age 125?

However the average life expectancy in the USA is only about 80 years. It seems most of us are missing out on about 45 years of good living!

Did you know that the World Health Organization ranks the USA, only 27th in overall quality of health and we are not even in the top 10 for longevity? And I'm sure you are aware that now two thirds of Americans are overweight, with one third considered obese and this includes children!

This is Stunning! The US is the wealthiest most technologically advanced nation in the world, yet we are one of the unhealthiest!

Why are we so unhealthy and dying before our time?

The answer is LIFESTYLE! We now know that genetics plays only a small role in our health and how long we will live. Even the conservative American Medical Association now admits that degenerative diseases, that are killing most people, such as; heart disease, cancer and diabetes are preventable with a healthy lifestyle.

The Ageless Living Lifestyle Wellness Program

A mind/body/spirit, approach for enjoying and mastering life

My colleagues and I at Ageless Living have developed what we believe is the lifestyle system that offers You the best opportunity for avoiding disease and old age and for living a long, healthy, energetic and productive life. It is a workable system, a proven formula that can be easily incorporated into any busy schedule, including yours.

You can now learn to easily develop your own personalized Ageless Living Lifestyle System as a participant in our new 12 week program.

The Foundation for Your Ultimate Success

Your participation in this life changing program will inspire and teach you step by step, to develop a personalized wellness program that will give you the results you desire and deserve.

It will be the foundation for success in every aspect of your life. Upon completion of your 12 week program, You will have the tools, motivation and ongoing support to make a positive contribution for a healthier, more peaceful world for you, your family and your friends.

You will be empowered to live your purpose, care for your body and live a long joyful and fulfilled life day after day, year after year.

Why this program is different than any you may have tried before and why you will finally achieve your health & fitness goals?

You have me as your own personal trainer.
I have been an author, trainer and innovator in the wellness field for the past 29 years. I will virtually come to your house each week and we will get the job done. It's the ultimate in convenience and you have no travelling expenses or time loss.

Your program is being offered in the ideal learning format.
You will not be overwhelmed with too much information at one time. It's a very flexible program. You can choose when to start and when to work on your lessons. You have plenty of time to fully absorb the material each week and progressively develop your own personalized program. You also get my motivational audios, bonus articles, E- books and videos and you can send me your questions by email.

You will learn to develop and apply the secret to succeeding with your program.
The first three lessons are all about learning to discover your limiting beliefs, your core values and your life purpose. This builds a solid foundation for developing a program that will serve you for a lifetime.

You can share and work on each lesson with your family and support each other. When you have completed all 12 lessons, you will be eligible for a 30 minute phone consultation to answer any of your questions.

Your Program Format

The workshop is based on my popular book Ageless Living, first published in 2000 now in its fifth edition. It has been carefully developed to insure that you will learn the material and be able to apply it in your daily life.

The program covers the eleven (11) essential components of the Ageless Living Strategy, one component per week. The weekly format offers you the time to fully understand each important component and to develop and personalize it to meet your individual needs.

The lessons are content rich and prepared in an easy to understand and easy to implement manner. Each week you will receive a new lesson on one component of the complete program. Lessons will be in the form of inspirational audios, word documents and some video presentations. There will be bonus articles, tip sheets and some of my very informative- E-books that pertain to each specific lesson. You will find many practical tips that you can implement immediately.

Each weekly lesson builds on the previous one, resulting in your complete personalized Ageless Living Lifestyle System.

The following are some of the key principles that you will learn and the benefits you receive:

  • Why it is your spiritual responsibility to take the best possible care of your physical body and to live out your life's purpose. It's the secret to your success
  • You will learn to be aware of your limiting beliefs and how to change them so they no longer hold you back.
  • How to discover your life's purpose.
  • How to identify and reduce common risk factors that can lead to disease and premature aging. Now you can enjoy good health and vitality all of your life.
  • How to develop a safe, effective and easy to follow, personalized exercise program that will give you the results you desire for a lifetime.
You will receive empowering and practical content in each weekly lesson, in the form of audios, word documents and bonus articles, e-books, videos and weekly support by email.

Program Value:

12 Weekly Lessons: $1200
Bonuses: $217
Total Value: $1417
Your Price: $997



If you are unsatisfied after the first 30 days don’t worry, your program can be cancelled and your investment will be promptly refunded.