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Lifetime Fitness means having a high level of functional mental and physical fitness our entire life. When we reach a certain level of mind/body fitness, we possess the foundation to accelerate the growth of all aspects of our lives. Physical and mental fitness are the primary components of good health and well-being. Mind body fitness training is to the human body what fine tuning is to an engine. It enables us to perform to our full potential. It can be described as a condition that helps us to look, feel and be our very best. It is the ability to perform daily tasks vigorously and be able to meet emergency demands, with stand stress, and to continue beyond the point where an unfit person could not.

Testimonial – Rico has changed the way I view aging, fitness and has miraculously transformed me and my mom to the healthiest shape we have ever been in our entire lives. I am a cosmetic dermatologist and I believe that the way you look on the outside truly affects how you feel on the inside. I help create physical transformations in my clinic everyday and I know how it can change people’s lives.

With the help of technology that is available today, I look much younger for my age but with a busy practice, two young children, I just could not find the time to get to the gym to get healthy and young on the inside! Then I met Rico – who is one of the most fit guys I have seen in his age – he comes to our home and gets me, my mom, my husband, my sister in law and even my mom’s brother all excited about being fit for every day life. My mom who is now 60 years old has never done any routine physical exercise in her life and was a skeptic at first but now, she is in shape, and feeling so great and taking great care of herself, feeling confident and looks forward to the days when Rico comes over to work out with us!Rico’s philosophy of “functional fitness” is a great lesson that I will take with me for the rest of my life. My husband and I are truly inspired by Rico. We can only hope to be as agile, strong and fit as he is when we get to be his age. He’s the best and I recommend him to my family and closest friends!

Tess Mauricio, M.D.
Board Certified Dermatologist
Scripps Ranch Dermatology

Why a Personalized Program is Important
There are only two reasons why anyone hasn’t successful in the past; Either they had the wrong program to meet their needs or they didn’t take consistent action. A personalized training solves both of these problems. We are all bio-chemically unique and have different health and physical challenges. Therefore we all require unique strategies for diet, nutritional supplementation, exercise and rest to obtain optimal health. Personal coaching provides you with the expertise, safety, and motivation necessary to maintain the consistency for success.

Your personalized program is based on:

A fitness evaluation to determine your current physical condition, lifestyle and fitness goals. It is implemented in a counselor/client relationship to assure safe and effective results in the shortest possible time. The training can be undertaken at your home, office, or at our facility.

30 Day Re-Invent Yourself Program™

Our new Re-Invent Yourself 30 day training program is for those who realize that at any age or physical condition, one can change habits and limiting beliefs and re- create their life. It is for those who want to be and perform at their best. It is about achieving lifetime body/mind fitness.

Your private training Includes:

  • Food diary analysis
  • Aerobic conditioning: proper techniques and cross training
  • Flexibility: Yoga & stretching, martial arts
  • Muscular strength: Posture & balance, calisthenics & resistance training
  • Mental attitude: Removal of limiting beliefs, stress reduction & motivation
  • Optimal Fat Reduction Program: Specific exercises & eating tips

8 sixty minute sessions (twice a week), Includes Nutrition Program – $595

Ongoing training is $75 per session at my facility, or $85 at your home or facility

We are committed to assisting you in enjoying a long, healthy & energetic life.
We invite you to experience Lifetime Fitness.

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