Ultimate Ageless Living

This exclusive one-to-one training program is for successful people who are serious about being fit and energetic all their life and want to avoiding disease and old age.

This proven programs is based on the popular new book Ageless Living, written by local health, fitness and longevity guru and gold medalist Rico Caveglia. Rico’s youthful appearance and physical energy at age of 61, with a fitness age of 20, is a testament to why his Ageless Living Lifestyle Training is in high demand!

If you want to learn how to enjoy vibrant health and youthful vitality to age 100 and beyond… this is the program for YOU!

The goal of this exclusive 90 day program is for you to achieve optimum quality and quantity of life based on your desired lifestyle. This unique program includes a comprehensive muscular skeletal exam by a sports medicine doctor and specific computerized tests to check for susceptibility to heart disease and nutritional deficiencies. An individualized program is developed in all areas of preventive health: appropriate functional exercise, personalized nutrition and stress reduction techniques. You will learn all of Rico’s secrets for incorporating these techniques into your busy lifestyle, with personal training sessions at your home or office. After 90 days you will be well on your way to becoming Ageless. Your success is guaranteed.

You Will Receive a Comprehensive Evaluation Which Includes:

* Postural, Spinal, Structural evaluation
* Body fat analysis
* A heart attack risk assessment that measures the elasticity of your arteries
* A computerized nutritional deficiency survey
* A computerized Fitness Age Test
* A holistic mind/body approach to correct any problems and deficiencies found

Your Education and Benefits Include:

– The10 key elements for avoiding disease and old age so you can enjoy your success as
long as possible.

– How to end the struggle of weight loss forever so you can look and feel your best.

– How to exercise most efficiently to achieve the results you want.

– What you really need to know about nutrition.

* What, when, and how to eat for optimum health and energy for your body type,
metabolism and current condition.
* Where and how to shop for the best quality real foods.
* How to prepare delicious and nutritious meals in 12 minutes or less so you can easily
eat healthy meals everyday.
* What supplements are best for you.

– How to stay sexually vital all your life.

– How to easily incorporate your complete Ageless Living System into your busy schedule.

– How to stay motivated for lifetime success.

You Will Also Receive:

Copies of Rico’s popular books; Real Food Real FastAgeless Living and the Fun Program(Audio/video/workbook program for permanent fat loss.)

There are Two Programs Available:

1. The Gold – Ultimate Training Program $4,000

90 Days to a new you. Includes initial evaluation and 90 day re-evaluation, complete program design and 36 training sessions. 3 per week

2. The Silver – Ultimate Training Program $3,000

Same as Gold with 24 training sessions, 2 per week

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