Recovery from Exercise

Today more and more people are aware of the many benefits that regular exercise can offer. Everyone wants to look and feel better and perform at their highest level. So many people jump into exercising or playing sports, without realizing they could be doing more harm than good. Sports Medicine Doctors are keeping busy treating injuries, of which the majority could be prevented with the proper knowledge and coaching. Before you rush into an exercise program or begin playing a sport, I highly recommend you consult with a qualified trainer who can evaluate you and get you started in a safe and effective manner. An injury is the short term consequences of unprepared exercising; however the main topic of this article is to address the long term health risks from exercising and how to prevent them.

In order for the body to obtain the training effect, that is to increase aerobic capacity, muscle size and strength, systems and muscles must be stressed past their normal everyday usage. This is the catabolic effect of breaking down matter and using up nutrients in the body. There must then be a period of rebuilding, this the anabolic effect in the body. It is imperative to give your body the proper amount of rest, and nutrients it needs to recover and rebuild your body stronger than it was before. This process is constantly going on in your body 24 hours a day. If you are not giving your body what is needed to rebuild, you are progressively wearing your body down and ill health will be the result. The following are some guidelines to follow, to help you recover and prosper from your exercise program.

Recovery tips:

* Drink as much purified water as possible while exercising and immediately following your workout. We recommend drinking alkaline water with added stabilized oxygen. This not only will help you to recover quicker but will give added energy while working out. Muscle fatigue is due primarily from lack of oxygen and lactic acid build up. Alkaline water will help neutralize the lactic acid and speed recovery.
* To replenish muscle glycogen stores after exercise eat a complex carbohydrate meal. This is the time to eat your starchy carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grain pasta and breads.Ideally eat within one hour of exercise.
* Strenuous exercise produces free radical in your body. These are the unstable molecules that cause cellular damage and pre-mature aging. It is essential to supplement your diet with a good anti-oxidant to neutralize the free radicals.
* Massage and Acupuncture
Massage is very helpful in flushing lactic acid from the body. It also increases circulation, removes tension and promotes relaxation. Find a practitioner trained in sports massage if possible. Acupuncture can be very helpful in relieving muscle spasms.
* Stretching
Following exercise with stretching helps relieve tension and promotes flexibility of your muscles and connective tissues. Increased range of motion prepares you for your next exercise session.
* Sauna, steam and whirl pools
All can promote increased circulation and muscle relaxation. Increased circulation helps to remove wasteproducts and speeds up transportation of nutrients to the cells for repair.
* Good Nutrition and supplementation
Strenuous exercise does increase ones nutritional requirements. If possible have a healthcare professional design an individualized nutritional program to suit your particular needs. Caloric intake should be calculated along with a specific nutritional supplementation program.Your body is built from the raw materials you ingest. Your body can only recover and rebuilt to the degree of nutrient quantity and quality available. We recommend eating as much organic whole foods as possible, and take whole food supplements.
* Meditation/visualization
The mind has a very powerful effect on the body. In fact they are one in the same. What you think, feel and visualize, signals the body to respond in kind. Take time after exercise to first enjoy how good your body feels. Visualize your body relaxing and functioning perfectly.

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