Ageless Living Lifestyle Workshop


Offered in San Diego


The Ageless Living Lifestyle is a proven formula for avoiding disease and old age and living a long, healthy, energetic and productive life. This highly interactive, life changing workshop has been developed to assure participants will learn how to actually apply the principles and strategies in daily life. These principles are not based on any hypothetical theories or so called “scientific breakthroughs” products or programs that have only temporarily worked well for a few people. They are based on the popular book “Ageless Living” written by Rico Caveglia (as seen on KUSI TV). Rico developed these strategies during the past 31 years of hands on experience as a personal health and fitness trainer. Rico at age 71 with a fitness age 22. his associates and many of his clients are living examples of the benefits of this empowering lifestyle.

Participants Will Learn:

Participants will learn that growing old and sick is now avoidable and by making the proper lifestyle choices they can live a much healthier, happier and longer life. Very effective strategies that are easy to incorporate into busy schedules will be revealed. Each participant will develop a personalized Ageless Living Lifestyle Plan that can easily be implemented immediately.

The Program Emphasizes:

  • Becoming aware that it is our spiritual duty to take the best possible care of our physical bodies and to live out our life’s purpose.
  • Becoming aware of and changing limiting beliefs that hold one back from maximum success.
  • How to discover our life’s purpose.
  • How to identify and reduce risk factors for disease and premature aging.
  • How to develop a safe, effective and personalized exercise program.
  • How to identify, prepare and eat the best foods for maximum energy and fat reduction.
  • How to develop a comprehensive personalized plan and stay motivated for a lifetime of success.

Workshop Format:

  • It is a one day workshop on Saturday.
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to fully develop a personalized, mind/body/spiritual program for a lifetime of good health and success in all of life’s endeavors
  • All 13 chapters of the Ageless Living Guide book are covered including: Balance, Energy, Beliefs, Purpose, Responsibility, Risk Factors, Nutrition, Exercise, Rest & Rejuvenation, Avoiding Toxins, Fun, Brain Power and Healing.
  • Several minutes of dynamic breathing and movement exercises are taught throughout each session.

Why Participants will be Successful:

The emphasis is on learning simple methods and techniques for applying this empowering information. This is a true hands on workshop, with individual attention. Participants will receive a personalized three-ring binder with additional information to assist in developing a truly customized program.

All material and instruction is presented in an informal, relaxed and enjoyable manner. A key to “Ageless Living” is not to rush. It is about being in the present moment. The workshop is taught by Rico Caveglia, the creator of the Ageless Living Lifestyle.

BONUSES: Participants will also receive the following

  • A copy of the book Ageless Living
  • A FREE month membership in the Ageless Living Wellness Club
  • Discounts on all Ageless Living products, services and future Workshops and Adventure Vacations
  • Private phone coaching and personal training at reduced rates

Cancellation policy:

100% refund up to three days prior. 50% of deposit refund thereafter.

–Limited to 40 participants.


For more information:  BeBoldNeverBeOld.Com

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