Energize Your Workplace

A healthy, energetic and happy employee is a high performer!

Less sick days-More motivated-More engaged- More productive

What: In this 90 minute, high performance, interactive learning experience, I have put together all the best of what I have learned from my 31 years of experience as a wellness trainer/coach, health researcher and student of the top experts in the fields of success, self improvement and wellness.
Participants will learn proven wellness and success strategies. The secret to the success of this training is that all strategies are easy to learn, quick to implement and can easily fit into busy schedules.

Why: It is well established that a healthy, happy and energetic employee is a high performing employee. This unique and highly effective workshop will increase your employee’s real wellness knowledge and elevate their daily attitude, energy levels and productivity.

Who: This workshop is for companies, associations and organizations who realize the vital importance of keeping their key employees healthy and energetic in order to grow and prosper long term.

January 3,2013

 If you are interested in an effective, low cost way to energize your workplace and improve productivity you need Rico Caveglia! I recently had Rico Caveglia present his Energize Your Workplace Seminar to my 50 person workforce. Comments were uniformly positive, without exception my associates felt that the seminar presented a great opportunity to improve productivity with little financial or time commitment. In addition the exercises are fun not drudgery.
I highly recommend that you call Rico today!

Doug Sawyer
President & CEO
United Way of San Diego County

The Program $1500 for up to 25 participants

Strategy one:How to Create Real Happiness Real Success Real Fast.
Participants will learn mind sets and strategies for creating real happiness and real success. Includes the 7 C’s for mastering success and fulfillment in every aspect of life.

Strategy Two:How to Create Maximum Personal Energy for Life.
Participants will learn the essentials for creating high levels of mental and physical energy which are the prerequisites for high performance.

Strategy Three:The 7 Essentials for Living a Fully Charged Healthy Life.
Mastering these basic elements of life will create a high level of energy and vibrant health.

Strategy Four:How to Prevent and Reduce Back Pain
Back pain is the number one reason people miss work. These simple strategies can make a big difference.

Strategy Five:The C.A.N. Choosing Action Now
How to create a daily plan of action to implement the strategies for fast results.
Our very popular 4 x 4 x 4 – 4U Daily Wellness and Energy Routine as seen on KUSI TV’s Morning Show will be demonstrated and participants will experience it at the beginning and in the middle of the workshop.

All participants will receive the following:

1. The Ageless Living Lifestyle Wellness Program value $39
2. The 90 Day Wellness Program Guide value $29
3. 6 months free membership in our new online Ageless Living Wellness Club value $162

Total Value $270
Personal coaching is the most effective way to greatly increase and maintain wellness and productivity in the work place.

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 In December 2012 Rico Caveglia presented his Energize Your Workplace Seminar to my Metropolitan Life Group. It was a very interesting and interactive seminar that lived up to its name. We learned a variety of very effective and easy to do mental and physical exercises that really do increase energy. All of the participants said they enjoyed the presentation and many have been implementing the strategy. I feel Rico’s seminar and other wellness trainings would be a worthwhile investment for any company wanting a more energetic and productive work force.

Todd Clarke
Agency Sales Director
Metropolitan Life Group