The term senior, as applied to a person of retirement age, has always greatly annoyed me. Why do we always classifying everything, especially people. Classification divides and separates people. It makes people feel different and quite often inferior or defensive against others who may have a more elevated status in our society. Classifications, in particular religions, tend to promote a feeling of righteousness amongst the people of the world. Religion has always been a key element of wars among people. We need more togetherness, oneness, not separatism.

Sorry for the digression, back to the term seniors. As you know I promote the term Ageless Living, which is about getting better and enjoying life more as we age. This entails taking care of our body/minds so we are able to so and to keep making a contribution all of our lives.
When you reach 60 in this society you begin getting solicitations to plan for your demise, to join certain groups to isolate you more from society. Why should we at this arbitrary age begin treating people like they need help. We have senior discounts, why? Most people who have worked for that long have more money than people in their twenties and thirties. We have senior centers, why? All of a sudden why do people age 65 and up have no other place to go to entertain themselves or to get information? We have nutritional supplements for seniors as if at a certain age we need different nutrients. Its just another marketing scam.We have medicare drug programs, again assuming people this age need all of the medicine that actually accelerated their physical and mental decline.

The other day I saw an outrageous article about fitness for seniors. It suggested that seniors could pick up 5 pound bags of potatoes and hold them up for as long as they could for exercise. The author was telling us people over 65 aren’t capable of working out with weights in a gym like younger people? Because we reach a certain age why should we begin to believe in our unability to do things like everyone.
Are we deliberately trying to push people age 65 out of mainstream society, when they are the ones with the most experience and wisdom? The worst part of these supposedly good intentions is that it programs people into thinking that’s what’s going to happen to them, they are going to get old and sick and need someone to take care of them. What we believe is what we create in our lives.
What if we taught people that they were supposed to get better with age so they could give back their knowledge and wisdom as the years go by. Instead of being ridiculed with bad jokes and dulled with medications. What if we programmed people to learn how to take care of themselves and to believe in and respect themselves more as they age?

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