Stop Growing Old

Do you want to live to age 125?
I’m sure you are aware that science now tells us that we are genetically programmed to live to at least 125. Are you looking forward to living that long? If you are like most people your answer is no. This is quite understandable considering that the vast majority of Americans are in poor physical condition and health at an early age.

Losing 50 good years of living
If our life span is 125 and our average life expectancy is only about 75, we are losing 50 years of potentially productive, enjoyable living. Answer these questions:

1. Do you expect to stay healthy and vital all of your life?
2. Are you currently as healthy and as energetic as you want to be?
3. Are you practicing good nutritional and exercise habits on a daily basis?
4. Have you found your life’s purpose and enjoy your work?
5. Are you having fun everyday and want to live as long as possible?
If you answer no to any of these questions, you are most likely on a course to die an early death. However, the good news is you can change course and choose to take responsibility for your health. You can choose to age instead of growing old.

Aging vs Growing Old
We hear a lot about anti-aging these day, however, I feel this is the wrong terminology. The definition of aging is to become fully mature, ripen like fine aged wine. Aging is a desirable and natural process
that can’t be prevented. Growing old is another story. Old is defined as becoming deteriorated, worn out, useless, not able to care for ones self. Growing old is certainly not a desirable condition, however it is avoidable. So it is really anti-growing old strategies that we need to develop and implement.

Why are people growing old and dying at an early age?
We have been programmed to believe in growing old. The medical, pharmaceutical and insurance establishments have led us to believe that getting old and weak and contracting serious illnesses is inevitable and that we continually need their expensive products and services. This self-limiting belief combined with poor nutrition and exercise habits are the real reasons for our physical and mental deterioration at an early age. Even the conservative American Medical Association now says that up to 80% of all degenerative diseases are preventable with proper lifestyle modification

Lifestyle is what counts
There are societies in the world that have healthy lifestyles and their people routinely live energetic lives for 100 plus years There are also many examples of people in America staying fit and healthy and even running marathons in their nineties. Recent research by Dr .Ken Cooper, often referred to as the father of aerobics, has shown that a fit person at age 65 can be much healthier and more competent than an unfit 25 year old. So we know it can be done. We have a choice, we can choose to educate ourselves and embrace a lifestyle that will give us the best possible chance to stay healthy and enjoy those extra 50 years. I call this empowering lifestyle “The Ageless Living Lifestyle”

The Ageless Living Lifestyle
Ageless Living means being committed to never growing old. It is living life without limits and without concern for chronological age. It is about taking full responsibility for your health and your life. Living responsibly is living powerfully.
Ageless Living Lifestyle Tips

1. Believe you can stay healthy all of your life
2. Find your life purpose…do what you love
3. Take responsibility for your health
4. Drink 2-3 qts. of purified water daily
5. Eat a diet of “Real Food” grown by Mother Nature
6. Keep moving…exercise daily
7. Enjoy your life…have fun everyday
8. Slow down…take regular timeouts daily
9. Avoid hospitals, drugs and surgery except for emergencies
10. Strive for balance…mental, physical and spiritual well being


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