Sustainability vs GDP

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Somehow we all got convinced that our quality of life was directly related to our Gross National or Domestic Product and how much material goods we have obtained and that they both must continue to grow for us to raise our standard of living. This is certainly a myth, as we see in America how this has led to one of if not the most, unhealthy and unhappiest countries in the world.

The argument is that we need this unsustainable material madness to continue to create more jobs. I think there are plenty of jobs to be created in the research,technology and service areas that are geared towards reversing the devastating trends we have been following for to long. I think that most will agree that some of what we truly need to create in order to sustain our lives and create a real quality of life for all of the world are; a strong global peace academy, a natural health care system, an educational system that teaches self esteem, relationship building, wellness and sustainable economics, sustainable organic farming and food production, and a global enterprise for cleaning up the environment.

Most important is to create a sustainable healthy food system. A sustainable food system is one that can provide healthy products now and for future generations without destroying the our environment and farm land in the process.

Shop Sustainably
The type and amount of products we purchase have a major affect on our environment and on ecological sustainability. Ecological sustainability refers to the means in which a biological system can stay diverse and productive indefinitely. It is well known that we are over using our natural resources such as water, rain forests, arable farm lands, etc by producing tons of material goods ( weapons included) that no one needs.

We need to concentrate our shopping more on the things that are necessary to sustain our lives and stop producing and buying junk that no one really needs. There are way too many trinkets produced just for a profit, that waste resources. We need to take back our power and not be influenced by the slick advertising that tries to convince us to buy all the stuff we don’t really need and want. Look around your house, how many things do you see that you really do not need and are really not contributing to a higher quality of life. When you rid yourself of the many things that are cluttering your life, you will find your quality of life increases.

The following are some things you can do immediately to make a difference.

  • Buy more organic and less packaged foods.
  • Buy more locally grown seasonal food.
  • Buy less animal products to reduce pollution and water use.
  • Buy non toxic bio- degradable cleaning and self care products.
  • Do not use plastic shopping bags or buy water in plastic bottles, both are polluting are planet.
  • Go solar and electric (cars) whenever possible.
  • Reduce your consumption of non essential goods.
  • The only way we can rid our lives and our environment of so much wasteful junk is to not buy it any longer.

If we are going to create and sustain a high quality of life for everyone on this planet we need to rethink our lifestyles and the things that truly willcontribute to a healthy, prosperous and happy life for all.

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