The 10 Fatal Mistakes That Lead to a Diseased Body and an Early Grave

The 10 Fatal Mistakes
That Lead to a Diseased Body and an Early Grave.

1 Not Being Aware of Your Limiting Beliefs
If you do not believe you have the power to create and maintain a healthy and vital body to age 100 and beyond, it’s unlikely that you will take the proper actions to achieve that goal. What you believe dictates the actions that you take.

2 Not Living Purposefully
If you do not discover your life purpose and do what you love to do, you will suffer from a lack of passion for life. Without passion for living you won’t have the desire and enthusiasm for a long and productive life.

3 Not Taking Responsibility for Your Health
By not taking responsibility for your health and your life, you give away all your power. You then allow others, such as doctors and so-called experts, to take control of your health.

4 Not Being Aware of Your Personal Risk Factors
Certain risk factors such as high blood -pressure, low ph, high blood sugar, obesity and hereditary factors need to be known and properly dealt with. Diagnosis is where medical technology is helpful.

5 Not Getting Proper Nutrition
Good nutrition is a top priority for good health and a long life. Our bodies require a steady supply of clean nutrients. These nutrients are supplied by fresh oxygen, sunlight, pure water, whole organic whole foods & whole food supplements.

6 Not Enough Movement and Physical Activity
Lack of proper movement and stretching, leads to a stiff, lifeless and unattractive body. Your body is designed to be physically active. The right amount of proper daily exercise is essential to staying fit and vital all of your life.

7 Not Taking Sufficient Time out for Rest and Rejuvenation
Your body requires a balance of rest and activity, to function optimally. During rest your body repairs damage and regenerates new healthy cells.

8 Not Avoiding Toxins Substances
You are constantly exposed to all kinds of environmental toxins, in the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, and the products you use. Excessive intake and exposure to these toxic substances, including the use and overuse of synthetic nutritional supplements and drugs (over the counter and prescription) over stress your immune system.

9 Not having enough Fun
Life was not meant to be a constant struggle. You are a spiritual being in a physical body, meant to have enjoyable and enlightening experiences. Play and laughter are always two of the best medicines.

10 Not having a Life Plan
Not having a personalized plan for your life that incorporates all of the previous 9 subjects is a plan for disaster.

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