Time Management in the kitchen–Nutritious Meals in 15 minutes or less

It’s unusual to talk to anyone these days that doesn’t say they are too busy. It seems we all are caught up in a time crunch and since there’s no way to make more hours in a day we have to find ways to better use the time we have.

Eating is one of life’s necessities and preparing food does require a good chunk of our time each day. For health conscious individuals it is a top priority. We know if we are to eat the food that will serve our body best, we have to prepare it.

The importance of good nutrition.

Because nutrition is not taught or valued in medical schools, few doctors have stressed its importance. However the word is getting out. Americans are seeking out so called “alternative health care practitioners” in record numbers these days. The quality of our health, which equates to the quality of our lives, is dependent upon the quality of the food that we eat. If anyone doubts this statement, I highly recommend they read Ronald’s Schmid’s book “Traditional Foods are your Best Medicine”. The author discusses in detail the classic and monumental work of Dr. Weston Price entitled Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, published in 1939. This great work was based on his lifetime of research studying the nutrition and health of native traditional cultures throughout the world. These extensive and scientific studies clearly showed without exception, that cultures living off natural indigenous foods enjoyed long healthy lives free of degenerative diseases. When these cultures were introduced to processed unnatural foods, their health rapidly declined. There have since been many studies around the world that support Dr. Prices’ findings and that one only needs to eat natural organically grown local foods, to experience the increased energy and resistance to disease.

 Knowledge plus action equals power

Having knowledge is not enough; we must have a way to use the knowledge if benefit is to be had. I have talked and worked with many individuals who want and need the benefits that healthy eating brings, but they don’t feel they have the time or proper information to obtain them. The first step is to acknowledge important information and make it a top priority. Next an effective plan of action must be created.

Your Nutrition in Action Plan

Step One is to get educated. Obtain as much knowledge about nutrition as possible. Attend seminars and lectures, (many are free,) subscribe to newsletters, go to libraries, bookstores and read, read, read. If this sounds like a lot, remember this is your health, your most precious asset.

Step Two is to determine which healthy foods and nutrients are uniquely best for you. Some practical ways to help decide this are: diets based on your metabolic body type, your blood type, muscle testing, geography and ancestry. Your current health and lifestyle are also important factors to consider. I do recommend consulting with a qualified “healthy” health care practitioner or nutritionist if possible.

Step Three is to locate natural food markets in your area. Local farmers markets are another good source of organic produce.

Step Four is to get your kitchen organized. To effectively implement what I call the “Fast Track Food Prep System,” you must establish and maintain a well equipped, clean and organized kitchen. Begin by getting rid of clutter, items you never use old, inefficient, unhealthy utensils. Clean out your refrigerator and cupboards, keep them neat, and organized. Purchase a few quality pieces of cooking equipment (not aluminum). You will also need a good set of quality storage containers These simple actions will make food preparation easier, faster and healthier. You are now ready to implement your weekly system.

Fast Track Food Prep System

There are just three steps to your weekly system.

#1. Write down a tentative menu for the week, make a shopping list and schedule a time for shopping.

#2. Shopping and properly storing your fresh healthy food.

#3. Enjoy your Prep Party. The Prep Party is approximately a two-hour time period where you prepare and store the main ingredients for your week’s menu. I recommend you put on some music, invite a friend, roommate or spouse to join you and have some fun. You can prepare flavor mixes (spices, herbs and raw vegetables,) grains, legumes, salads, chicken, fish, snacks, desserts, whatever you have on your menu. Store half in the refrigerator and half in the freezer. Most fresh foods will keep 2-3 days in sealed containers in the refrigerator. Now you are ready for a week of quick, easy and healthy meals and snacks. You can also take many of these foods with you to work. Be sure to prepare a nice meal as a reward to enjoy after your Prep Party.

I encourage everyone to prepare wonderful, loving meals from scratch on weekends or whenever time allows. Use the Fast Track Food Prep System on a weekly basis for the majority of your meals during your busy week.


Now all you have to do is apply this system consistently and you will reap all the benefits, plus you will no longer experience the mental and physical stress of not eating the nutritious food your mind and body desire.

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