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Did you know approximately 60% of all Americans are over weight, with one third considered obese? This is about 180,000,000 million adults and children. Did you also know that these same people are forking over 50 billion dollars per to the commercial and medical weight loss industry. In spite of all of this money spent on diet pills, products and programs, we are a nation of fat people and getting fatter. What’s wrong with this picture? It seems the weight loss industry has only been successful in reducing its customer’s bank accounts. It has been proven very convincingly over the last 50 years, that these products and diets just don’t work. Why haven’t more people realized this?

The Problem
The problem is we are caught up in this Now Society, that wants everything fast. Our fast paced society has created our quick fix mentality. We want pills that will make our pain and our fat go away quickly. Fast food and modern conveniences contribute not only to these unhealthy cravings, they create the problems. Lack of exercise, eating high calorie, low nutrient, processed foods are the major players in producing this over-fat population.

The Solution
We need to realize there are no magic bullets and quick fixes. They may produce temporary results at best. Are we asking the wrong question, when we ask, how can we lose weight? Perhaps the questions should be how can we get beyond trying to lose weight? The solution is, instead of trying to lose weight we should be focusing on getting fit and healthy. When you do this consistently, your body will begin to look and feel its best.

The Real key
 It’s not so much about the exercise and diet as it is about how we think. We need to realize that no matter what program or product or diet that we might undertake, we won’t be successful until we change the way we think.

Change Your Mind to Change Your Body
If you truly want to be successful in obtaining your perfect body, you must first change your mind. In order to take the right actions to change your body, you have to have the right beliefs and thoughts. Your beliefs and your thoughts precede all of what you do. Therefore it is of the utmost importance to have the right beliefs. There are several principles and affirmations to belief and accept if you are to be successful for life.
1. Focus on creating good health not on losing weight.
2. Learn to love and accept yourself just like you are.
3. Take responsibility for creating your body and your life.
4. Be clear on exactly what you want.
5. Believe and know that you can do it.
6. Stay in the present and enjoy your life now.

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