Weight no more for weight loss

Whenever I hear or see these words which is almost daily, I become irritated and I feel bad for those who are still being ripped off by the weight loss industry, including the medical establishment. Think about this; if these weight loss pills, products and programs really worked and gave people permanent weight reduction, its really fat reduction, we would be a nation of healthy trim people.

American’s spend nearly 100 billion per years on what I call the 5 Ps, pills, powders, diet programs and preposterous promises. In spite of all that, America is the fattest nation on earth with two thirds of the population being over weight and half of those are considered to be obese. Obviously the 5 Ps are only effective at reducing the weight of people’s wallet.

What’s wrong with this picture?
First of all, even the term weight loss is sending the wrong confusing message to our brain. We don’t like to lose anything. Whenever we do, we always try and find it right?
You lose a few pounds and then you seem to find them again.

The next reason this is happening is because even if you lose a few pounds or even a lot, you can’t sustain it, because these methods are either dangerous for your long term health, and/or expensive and no fun.

And of course, one definition of insanity is to do the same things over and over again, each time hoping for a different result. That’s what so many people continue to do. They are always looking for a quick, easy fix, which as we see, doesn’t seem to work too well.

What’s the Solution?

1.Stop being seduced by the 5 ps

2. Get a new plan.

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