What The Olympics is Really About

I am fully enjoying watching the athletes compete in the 2014 Winter Olympics. The physical feats that human beings are capable of performing, are truly amazing.

I hope you keep in mind what the Olympics is really all about. It’s about the accomplishment, the fun and the excitement of competing in sports and it’s about the entertainment it provides us all as spectators.

I guess it’s ok to keep score by medal count for each country, but please lets not use that for propaganda, bragging or thinking or professing our country is better than another. This mentality just keeps the outdated and very unproductive concept that we are in competition with other countries and we need to be better than they are.

Cooperation and Collaboration not Competition
This is the new paradigm we must all come to embrace, if we are to realize our true potential as human being and create peace and prosperity for all. It is my belief and that of many others, that we need to let go of the fear of lack and learn to cooperate with all human beings on planet earth.

It’s great that we have such cultural diversity and many different concepts of life and the here after. However, extreme nationalism, borders, all sorts of trade, travel and ethnic restrictions, maintains the fear and keeps us from living up to our full potential.

So let’s root for all the world’s athletes to do their best and celebrate all of their amazing accomplishments from a oneness perspective.

Lets truly use the Olympics to celebrate life on earth and bring us all together as the brothers and sister that we are.

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