When are You the Happiest?

When are You the Happiest?

Everyone wants to be happy so lets think about when are we the happiest. I think you’ll agree it’s when we are fully engaged in something that we feel is stimulating, fun and vitally important to accomplish. Surveys have shown that most of us agree that the four most important things in our lives are; our health, our family/relationships, our business/career/financial status and our spiritual/religious life. If we neglect any of these important aspects, which is often the case in todays busy world, we will only experience momentary happiness . So if this is true, in order to be truly happy, we need to put energy into each one of these areas of our lives.

The Old American Paradigm
Work hard at your job even if you hate it and you are neglecting your health. Keep your nose to the grind stone, make as much money as possible and then one day you can retire and enjoy life. It’s quite obvious that this outdated philosophy has not made us healthy, wealthy, wise or happy. In fact America is one the most unhealthiest, violent and unhappiest countries in the world, again according to recent studies.

A New Paradigm
Lets use some uncommon sense and figure this happiness question out. What if we made a conscious effort to be happy in every area of our life? What if we spent time learning and doing what would make us the happiest in all four important areas of our lives? If we take time to create good health, good relationships, find and make our passion our business, then we are also living spiritually.

Time the Big Excuse
Not having time is most people’s main excuse for neglecting anything in their lives. We all have the same amount of time and many people are making time for all of the four aspects of life. We create our lives. It’s just about expanding our awareness and making time for all things necessary to experience real happiness.

Living in the Zone of Balance
It’s all about balance. In order to function optimally we need to have balance in every aspect of life. If we eat too much, work too much, rest,exercise,play and pray/meditate too little, we are out of balance and cannot experience continual happiness.

Real Happiness Real Success Real Fast
When I became aware that I needed to increase the happiness in my life I decided to figure out a strategy for doing so which became my
latest book Real Happiness Real Success Real Fast. Keeping in line with my series of real fast books, I developed a system for being in the moment and experiencing success and happiness everyday.

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