World Health Day

World Health Day

April 7,2015 is World Health Day. You can go to to see what is offered. April’s main topic is about food safety, how to keep your food from spoiling and becoming contaminated, which is very important. I don’t know if they will be addressing the dangers of our highly processed, chemicalized, genetically modified foods? They do however,offer a lot of good public information on how to avoid illness and disease.

I like to remind people that our main stream medical health system is really a disease care system. It is not about prevention and the treatments offered are quite often worst that what you were treated for. It is however, excellent at treating acute, life threatening situations.

Good health ( free from illness and disease) is our responsibility to create for ourselves. It is up to us as an individual to get educated on how best to care for our physical bodies.

My book Ageless Living is about how to master what I call the seven essentials of life. Breathing, drinking, eating, eliminating waste, moving, sleeping and thinking. It is a good way to begin your education for caring for your most precious asset your physical body/mind. You can find it @

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